There’s this war that’s been on my mind
All the time, S-S-Syria oh oh
And I can’t pronounce their names
Are they human just the same?
S-S-Syria oh oh

Ah, if I’m called up, I’ll be there
They’ll be saved because I care
It’s all I need to save their lives
I feel so good if I just say the word
S-S-Syria, just say the word
Oh S-S-Syria

Now I know that I’m too young
This war has just begun
S-S-Syria oh oh
Oh give me a chance, give me a sign
I’ll help them any time
S-S-Syria oh oh

Ah, I’ve just got to go there, go there now
I’ve got to get closer but I don’t know how
It makes me nervous and makes me scared
But I feel so good if I just say the word
S-S-Syria, just say the word
Oh S-S-Syria, oh

Ah, it’s all I need to save their lives
I feel so good if I just say the word
S-S-Syria oh oh, I’ll just say the word
Oh S-S-Syria oh oh

I’ll say the word S-S-Syria.

Cuntstable (how to face-fuck a cop with a knife)

Black fella in WA,
drunk and driving and couldn’t pay
the fine that was fine and lesser for
a pressed shirt suit dresser.

Pulled up with half a tinny in his hand,
southern cross his pectoral brand,
cop says “What? You been drinking?”
he says “Nah, I’ve been thinking,”

Call to base, checks out his licence
since the plates don’t match the state he’s in and
his brand doesn’t match the state we’re in.

So, cop goes
“Look mate, you’re drunk and I think
you’ve thunk that this badge gives me a reason
to lead legions and unleash tasers on
non-compliant liberty-chasers

and you’re black, and this car’s unregistered
and I need to make two more arrests today
to get my pay from government inc. WA”

Minang man arcs up
– tense fists –
thinks nah, fuck this.
Cops always take the piss and
insist that this land is their
fair land. Fuck right off, cop.

Door pops and pig lands
on Mabo’s red ochre
sand with his pistol disabled
and his radio unable
and his story a fable.

Minang man on his sand looks down
grips the Bowie in his hand
picks up the convict and sticks his tool
in the throat of Cunstable O’Toole.

Pissing blood out his mouth, bacon begs to stop,
Minang man says “Yeah? Say sorry.

Elise Archer has herpes and David Walsh is a hook-nosed Jew.

Residents of Hobart, go back to the plough,
faux-culture has invaded now.

Your pints have been replaced by schooners
 – the choice of useless baby boomers.
Places once containing pool 
have been replaced with twee drool.

Girls with painted brows birth future crims,
sired by roid-boys on a booze-fueled whims.

On each street tapas are available,
fresh from the Thai-slave table.

The open mics are on every night
to replace old bar fights.

An old gambler runs the southern Louvre,
don’t be fooled and think he’s doing it for you.

Wellington in summer is covered in snow,
it’s just a place for tourists to go.

Elise Archer, with her fake face and tits,
personifies a place that was never it.

Residents of Hobart, go back to the plough,
no one really wants you now. 

longer sentences

technically I could doubt your doubt,
“I doubt your doubt!” I would exclaim.
I doubt that.

well I could doubt your doubt,
I could doubt that you doubt my doubt,
“I doubt that you could doubt that I doubt my doubt!” I would exclaim.

well I could doubt that,
I could doubt that you doubt my doubt,
“I doubt that you could doubt my doubt of your doubt of my doubt!” I would exclaim.

technically I could question your lesson,
“I doubt that I could doubt that” I would exclaim.

From Google Translate, eng: kabosu112.exblog.jp/9944144

Walk properly, Kabosu,
I saw what you posted.
It was Friday,
you thought it was Monday.

Walk properly, Kabosu,
on your blog, before they found out.
You were misunderstood,
but then happy.

Walk properly, Kabosu,
on their internet, their place.
Your father was on vacation,
I wonder if you still laugh.

Walk properly, Kabosu,
you seem so far away.
Fun with your sister,
spoiled by your day off.

Walk properly, Kabosu,
you are unwontedly immortal now.
Tonight, a treat:
at the start you were only misunderstood.

[go.] In to the end.

I am not Russian at all; I come from Lithuania, I am a real German:
[202020; 20/20/20, 20-20-20:]

[it] End[s] with something like, walls
falling, like snow piling,
tanks stalling. I said,
“I am a landscape.
No, the landscape”.

He escaped the night by sleeping.
[No, that sounds like he has something to hide. Try,
“He escaped himself, she stayed sleeping”.]
Was under the rubble; commandant & commissar couldn’t find me.

In [to] the night;
heard her running, screaming out[side],
had to hide. She’ll hide too.
We escaped from sleeping.

“Heil! We shot them”.
Son of man, in a ditch. [Son of man in a ditch.]
I wanted to return. She escaped.
God’s own, in a ditch.

There’s a town south of the barricade, we’ll meet there, she said.

Had to make sure / have to make sure / make sure.
Made sure she was grey. I made sure, she was grey.

There’s a town south of the barricade, we’ll meet there, she said[lied].

I skipped-past-patrol & presented, tried something like:
“I can dig a ditch, I can lay waste” – good.
“I’m a waste, she’s the landscape” – better.
“I’m a waste, she’s a landscape” – best.

So they took and introduced me to Western cuisine, including sarin / vx / mustard.
Seems we[they] were winning
& I saw they were scared
& I saw worn down men & rockets prepared.

Shock, awe, split, stumble;
father dead, Berlin: rubble.

I wanted to tear my teeth out, to cry.
I wanted to cry & tear my teeth out.
I wanted to cry, “I want to tear my teeth out”.

I tore my teeth out and was returned to a city north of the barricades.

“Salute! You shot them?”.
He returned to this city north of the barricade.

Under interrogation I learnt to industrialise properly &
buy[bought] a rented apartment. Still under duresses
& re-educated, repeat[ed] after me,
“I am a landscape”.

You’re better than this.
[There are four lights.
There are 4 lights.
There are fore lights.]

There were four lights, the commander was new &
knew that before light I’d
repeat after him[me], “I am a landscape”.