I can’t remember which one is uni night.

They chant 20-year-old lyrics in unison

until 2pm

every Thursday night.

Seems unnecessary

– can’t they wait until the weekend?


There’s a line around the block

to get in to somewhere

that shouldn’t need a line to get in.

I guess most haven’t been in before

except for the week before.


At 2.10pm it’s closed down,

for now.

It’ll be busy again next week.

So they spill out into an alley that’s

filled with them and council-sponsored graffiti.


They chatter meaningless nothings

I can’t believe her she says.

Or him that he did that to her.

But sometimes they attempt to mean something,

That’s not the right path for you she says to him.


They all trail off into the night time,

absorbed by their youth. It’s

the freedom of no-experience necessary.

Their bliss is being able to get up at 12pm

on a Friday.

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