Best to piss on a tram stop

*** It’s more than 20-minutes late ***

There’s a Somali, looks half-Egyptian,

he’s leaning in the door.

Then a rich girl pushes on,

she’s holding two bags and a bag.

There’s a wog, leb or Greek,

or general-Arab.

He’s got a rat’s tail and a bumbag

and a seat.


*** Then the next stop ***

A dumpling shakes her Prada umbrella

as she rushes on, pushing past

the other rich girl,

the Somali,

the (I guess) Arab.


There’s a junkie,

homeless and helpless

trying to steady himself

in front of the dumpling.


A suit pushes on.

He tells the junkie to move,

ignores the rich girl,

winks at the Arab,

checks out the dumpling,

and has to stand up.

He quietly blames the Somali.


*** Now the next stop ***

It’s just outside the free-zone,

and a PSO (or ticket inspector?)

comes on.


He’s got a vest,

a note book,

a pen,

a card checker,

a badge,

and a gun (no joke).


The rich girls are okay,

and the Arab’s already alighted.

But the junkie’s getting checked out.


Oh well fuck,

he says

what do you want?

               I’ve been on for two stops

               and I’ll get off in two more.

He now owes another $238.


The suit taps the PSO’s checker,

checks out,

nods in unison with the screws,

sits back down and scoffs

at the junkie who was forced to get off.


*** This is the stop after ***

The PSOs get off.


The Somali was looking down the whole time,

he wasn’t approached,

he breathes relief

and goes home to his family.

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