latest symptoms

Thought disorder  the most poetic psychiatric condition.

Symptoms include:

alogia, blocking, circumstantiality,

clanging, derailiment, distractibility, echolaia,

illogicality, incoherence, neologisms, perseveration,

phonemic paraphasia, pressure of speech, self-reference,

semantic paraphasia, stilted speech, tangentiality, & approximations.


am schizophrenic / stop / that means that I lack the ability to think, socialise, interpret /

can’t come catching cans, cunt / I write to think, uh, to do the laundry / don’t think, don’t / I don’t think, don’t /

that’s why I write, see / schizophrenic word salad, because hello / schizopoetic / schizopoetic schizopoetic schizopoetic /

phchizophrenic / pausespausespauses / this is about me, because it is /

to make this poem / I invented this poem purposely / poems are dead, death is inevitable / this poem needs a reover.

& the lower the dose, the better the poetry.

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