[go.] In to the end.

I am not Russian at all; I come from Lithuania, I am a real German:
[202020; 20/20/20, 20-20-20:]

[it] End[s] with something like, walls
falling, like snow piling,
tanks stalling. I said,
“I am a landscape.
No, the landscape”.

He escaped the night by sleeping.
[No, that sounds like he has something to hide. Try,
“He escaped himself, she stayed sleeping”.]
Was under the rubble; commandant & commissar couldn’t find me.

In [to] the night;
heard her running, screaming out[side],
had to hide. She’ll hide too.
We escaped from sleeping.

“Heil! We shot them”.
Son of man, in a ditch. [Son of man in a ditch.]
I wanted to return. She escaped.
God’s own, in a ditch.

There’s a town south of the barricade, we’ll meet there, she said.

Had to make sure / have to make sure / make sure.
Made sure she was grey. I made sure, she was grey.

There’s a town south of the barricade, we’ll meet there, she said[lied].

I skipped-past-patrol & presented, tried something like:
“I can dig a ditch, I can lay waste” – good.
“I’m a waste, she’s the landscape” – better.
“I’m a waste, she’s a landscape” – best.

So they took and introduced me to Western cuisine, including sarin / vx / mustard.
Seems we[they] were winning
& I saw they were scared
& I saw worn down men & rockets prepared.

Shock, awe, split, stumble;
father dead, Berlin: rubble.

I wanted to tear my teeth out, to cry.
I wanted to cry & tear my teeth out.
I wanted to cry, “I want to tear my teeth out”.

I tore my teeth out and was returned to a city north of the barricades.

“Salute! You shot them?”.
He returned to this city north of the barricade.

Under interrogation I learnt to industrialise properly &
buy[bought] a rented apartment. Still under duresses
& re-educated, repeat[ed] after me,
“I am a landscape”.

You’re better than this.
[There are four lights.
There are 4 lights.
There are fore lights.]

There were four lights, the commander was new &
knew that before light I’d
repeat after him[me], “I am a landscape”.

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