get sick like me.

Wipe the blood off your knuckles

get that new lcd,

grab a loan and get into mixed martial arts –

bit a protein’ll fix ya


Get the train to work,

jump off a stop early and walk –

healthy hearts make for healthy kids,

and low carbon is all kindsa in.

Oppose bush for Iraq

and Obama for Libya.

fuck Labor and Katter,

fuck the liberals too.

Green’s the party for you my friend,

Mr Brown’s ’bout to fix yo digital reception

using only wholemeal, gluten free, fair trade, all natural, no preservatives,

only alternative, contains no nuts, contains nuts, uses cage free eggs – nae barn raised, unlike you.

Get into techno and dub-step,

get a lip ring and a glow stick,

tell that chick how connected you are – mid coitus caress her breast

and tell her this means something.

Get a loan, buy her a ring then

use the other half to fund that 2-tonne mc-mansion in Frankston.

Smother her while she’s asleep, dump the body in front of flinders street,

deny all charges, get done for possession of an opinion ,

rot in jail and stop lying.

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