bang-bang headache

Another merlot arvo

alone, outside trams ride steel tracks

click-clack, bang – commute to the city

pity i’m not working tonight

right? Got the night off

put down the wine glass, off to the pub

watch a live band

land home around three in the morning

mourning and nursing the

pre-hangover headache

the pretense to the wake-up

dehydrated-migraine, the pretense

of another wasted day

only out of bed to shower and brush the teeth

clean away the taste and feeling of on-tap-ale

pasty and pale under the tan, the morning glow head rush of the first smoke,

perplexing feeling confusing as to where my lighter is

not in my pocket

along with not in wallet

silver coins

left ‘em on the bar saying

“what can i get with this many?”

with a slur.

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