It’s winter again

It’s winter again

we met in winter

waiting outside for class

She was cold, so I gave her my coat

and lent her my scarf

I said something witty

she smiled and laughed

And so it went from there

we met before and after uni

I could tell that I liked her

She could tell that she liked me

Winter seems a good season to be

a hermit in love

Sitting in front of a heater

or under a blanket

watching TV

The subject of the beach

or concerts, or festivals

never comes up when it’s ten degrees

But frozen love never lasts

It melts in the summer

It drips onto unwritten love letters

It soaks through writhing linen

It sits in puddles and goes stagnant

and mosquitoes lay their eggs in it

and the eggs hatch

and the mosquitoes come back to bite me

and I can’t sleep ‘cause I’m too busy scratching

and my minds got another thousand pissed off mozzies hatching

in the form of bad thoughts

and ugly endings

It’s winter again

and I’m thinking maybe

these bop around disco whores

just aren’t for me.

One thought on “It’s winter again

  1. The gentleness of your initial words is sharply contrasted to the building anger of summer and mosquitos!

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