No need to get excited

I can’t stop shaking

From bowel to core

Midriff to limb

Then extending to more

And encompassing

Addictions of nicotine


Alcohol and more

Surely derived from this sore

I carry on my heart

On my sleave

Is the missing part

Of my wanting

To be needed

And my needing to want

To see her

I need to want her

To want her to need me

Sitting on the train

As she listens to tracks

Hurtling under carriage

Carrying my pride

As the pride of a lion is carried

By the patriarch

I embark

On an unsteady journey

Until she finds me

Uncontrollably shaking

Nervous in the vision of


Surely she won’t want me

I know she can’t see me

Starring at the floor

Nervous eyes dart

Side to side

A kind of pride

Is to be found

In shaking in the corner

Until someone

Shines a light

To see me right

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